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Passive Income Goes Smart

  • Ketch Media Passive Income for Vendors
  • Ketch Media Passive Income for Vendors
  • Ketch Media Passive Income for Vendors
  • Ketch Media Passive Income for Vendors

As a host, you will be the anchor for other businesses to place their flags. Sailing lingo aside, you will be the venue to which others will pay you to offer their name and services to potential customers you have already won.


Will this steal clients away from yourself?


No, definitely not. We do not believe in cross-pollination of competing businesses.


Imagine a hotel, right at the front desk, there are 101 pamphlets of things to do in the area. You grab a few and barely look at the rest. Those few you grab, most will end up on a counter somewhere else or in the trash.


Now imagine less paper mess and a beautiful, lifelike, and crisp image sliding across a screen that is eye-catching, yet so much more out of the way than a stack of folded paper.


Be it a small table-top player to place on the counter or shelf or a larger digital display that can be wall-mounted, you will attract and provide value with every screen change.


This is, of course, not limited to only promoting other local business owners, but also yourself - you will have a few slides you can use to endorse, inform, or entertain your own clientele. You can help them discover that favorite dish or drink or hidden gem that some of your travelers might overlook.


During all the admiration for your cutting-edge and fully-integrated display of daily specials, new offerings, and upcoming events, they can charge their phone. And let’s be honest, how many people will walk up to a phone charger like a moth to light?


Great, but what does it cost?


Depending on the package you choose, this could be a seamless stream of revenue without any cost to yourself. Installation and maintenance included.


The house always wins as they say, and with a KM digital display or table-top player you could be the hero that helps your buddy down the street with their business while providing phone-charging, situational awareness, and better information to your own clients to help them enjoy their vacation even more and to ensure that their only free time is chosen downtime.


Would You Like To Know More?

Reach out and we will find a way to connect you and your best potential customers, and have fun while doing so!