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If the obstruction and maintenance of hundreds of papers floating about is a pain for locales to carry your advertisements, it is ten times the anxiety and heartache for the advertisers themselves.


TV advertising is an expensive, overrated, and dying art form to put yourself in front of potential customers. Then managing to place your ad in front of the type of crowd you are trying to gather, it may be a shot in the dark.


And with the digital age, everything is by phone, tablet, and laptop. All these inventions changing the way we see and operate in this world (whether we like it or not).


Don’t go down with the ship. Keep fighting the good fight and show you’re up to speed with the rest of them. Even better if you pull out in front of them.


More than that, make the most of your marketing budget by putting your business right in front of potential customers precisely where you know they will be and when they will be ready to see you.


You’ve checked into your hotel, but not sure where to eat for supper, and there it is... An image so crisp and with such visual clarity, you can almost taste it, so mouth-watering with its vivid colors and impossible-to-ignore offer.


That just turned your signature dish into an immediate call-to-action for anybody within sight.


The same can be applied to the restaurant that is the host of a Ketch Media appliance. Waiting for dinner to come from the kitchen, kids on their games, dad on his email, mom talking to her mom, the only thing to fight over is the free phone charger at the table and what to do next.


And there it is, the best choices in town, night bowling with a special on beer, shark fishing special with a boat charter, or just a special local celebration with fireworks on the beach.


Ketch Media doesn’t believe in the old ways of annoying and intrusive commercials or announcements. We want to communicate, promote, and connect future customers when and where they will be most receptive in a way that is entertaining, convenient, and almost invisible to the natural mental block we all have when exposed to standard advertising.


So when you’re ready to move past rack card printing and all the sunken cost those provide… (not to mention the headache and labor of replenishing those racks) and move on to something more eye-catching and exciting. Something with digital screens and managed with the best software and software engineer in the area, we will be happy to take you aboard.


The only thing you will have to worry about is finding space and time for all the new fish in the sea that will be swimming your way.


Would You Like To Know More?

Reach out and we will find a way to connect you and your best potential customers, and have fun while doing so!